All Muslims face towards at a fixed direction of Kaaba located in Mecca when offering Salat (Namaz), this direction is called Qibla. This app will find accurate Qibla very easily based on your current location.

• Find Qibla anytime anywhere
• Automatically detects your current location
• Calculates Exact Qibla Direction
• Shows mecca distance from your current location address
• App can use device previous last recorded Location to show Kaaba direction
• The direction is calculated accurately through the GPS feature in the app.
• It can be use offline (GPS)
• No Ads, Totally Free

How to use:
Just open the application, it will automatically show the Qibla direction
Press the refresh button to re-detect your current location
Press the grid button to show grid-lines on screen which helps to align prayer mat

For precise direction, always place your phone on a flat surface and keep it away from electromagnetic fields and metal objects
Please always make sure that your location and network are enabled in your device’s settings.